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Our most frequently asked questions

  • How much does a new central heating boiler cost?

    The price of a new central heating boiler largely depends on brand, size and type (combination, system or heat only / conventional)

    We install central heating boilers that cost as little as £500 to £4000 these brands include Baxi, Valiant, Ideal Logic, Worcester Bosch and Viessman. The cost goes up dependent on the KW size of the boiler.

    We’ll provide you with honest and impartial advice when choosing your new central heating boiler.

  • How much does a full central heating boiler installation cost?

    The cost of a full central heating boiler installation depends largely on how much work is involved and the boiler you choose.

    For a straightforward ‘like for like’ replacement 24kw combination boiler in the same position as your current one, IBI can install from £1499.95 (inc. VAT). Some of our competitors quote more than half of that again!

    However, our prices do vary depending on if you need a full chemical flush and if pipes need moving or replacing. But be assured that our prices are very competitive and in most cases are the cheapest.

  • What size central heating boiler do I need?

    The size of your central heating boiler depends on a number of elements, such as:

    • Size of your house
    • Number of bathrooms
    • Number of radiators
    • Litres of hot water per minute you’d like
    • Mains water pressure

    During the quotation we’ll help and guide you to make the right choice for you and your needs.

  • Can you fit my central heating boiler anywhere?

    We’ll always try find a way to fit your boiler where you’d like it to go.

    It’s important for us to understand where your current boiler is installed. Since 2005 by law all boilers need to be condensating boilers. Therefore, if your current boiler is in the middle of the house we need to ensure that we can connect the boiler to a drain and run the flue to a external wall or through the roof.

    It’s also important to know the location of your boiler flue in relation to your doors or windows. When installing a boiler the flue must be more than 300mm (30cm) away from any opening. We can still install your boiler but a plume management kit needs to be installed to ensure that no fumes enter the house. In addition, the flue needs to be 600mm (60cm) away from your boundary

  • What type of central heating boiler do I need?

    During your quotation the first thing for us is to establish what type and size of boiler you currently have installed

    • Combination boiler
    • Conventional or Heat only boiler
    • System boiler

    We’ll then work with you to understand your heating and hot water needs to establish the best boiler for you.

    Our most common boiler installation is a ‘like for like’ combi boiler swap. However, a lot of our customers look to IBI to convert their traditional heating system to a combi boiler for cost saving and efficiency reasons.

    Of course, it’s your choice to change from a system or heat only boiler to a combi boiler and we can talk you through the considerations in respect of this.

    Whatever type of boiler you choose we’ll give you all the help and advice you’ll need to make an informed decision.

  • Are you Gas Safe Registered?


    All of our gas engineers are registered with Gas Safe and have many years experience.

    In most cases our installers have been trained either by us or have joined IBI having worked previously at nationwide companies like British Gas.

    You’ll find that all our staff are professional, friendly and give honest and expert advice to ensure you get the best service and the best value for your money.

  • Do IBI offer an aftercare service?

    Yes. We offer a 12 month aftercare service with all our central heating boiler installations.

    Our aftercare covers all works completed by IBI
    • Boiler fixed to the wall
    • All pipework
    • Electrics

    The boiler and all parts used when installing your new boiler is guaranteed by the original manufacturers. The most common boiler guarantee is 7 years on the central heating boilers we install. However, we supply guarantees up to 10 years

    Therefore, when you choose IBI to install your new boiler you get total peace of mind that you will have heating and hot water.

  • Can you quote me a new boiler over the phone?

    The short answer is no. There are many checks that need to be completed when quoting a new boiler which aren’t possible to do over the phone.

    Considerations include:

    1.Type and size of your current boiler?
    2. Location of current boiler and flue?
    3. Is there access to a drain to connect up to the boiler?
    4. What size is your mains gas pipe leading to the boiler?
    5. What type of boiler controls are already in place?
    6. Is there enough clearance to fit and maintain your new boiler?
    7. What is the mains water pressure?

    Once one of our friendly team has reviewed your boiler requirements, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive quotation giving you a choice of 3 boilers.

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